We often hear complaints about disengaged employees. We hear of employees clocking in the hours without much sense of pride, dedication or enthusiasm in their work. There is no room for
creativity, innovation and going the extra mile. There is lack of passion and fire.

But then again, how can you expect someone who has been doing the same job for years to be excited and still have passion for the job he is doing? It’s only human for routine and boredom to set in. So how to keep them motivated? Motivational programs have short term effect since it pumps up energy and excitement at surface level. For change to be effective and sustainable, we need to revert to the basics of what makes the person tick and create self awareness.

Be At Your Best, is a personal effectiveness program based on bio-cybernetics; the science of control and communication of the human mind and body. The program explores how the subconscious mind works and helps each individual align their thoughts, words and actions to achieve their goals. This program is proposed to transform individuals and subsequently the team to high performance over a period of 1 year.


The workshop is built based on the Adult Learning Principal which notes that we retain approximately 10 % of what we see; 30 to 40 % of what we see and hear; and 90 % of what we see, hear, and do. Based on this, our workshops engage all the 6 senses and incorporate the three primary learning styles [visual, auditory and kinesthetic] into fun activities to enable experiential learning and maximum learning retention.

At the end of the workshop, participants and teams will have gained the following learning:

  • Self-motivated to achieve their goals.
  • Enhanced teamwork.
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation.
  • Tapping into their full potential.
  • Leveraging team diversity and pushing the team to its full potential.
  • Significant improvement in bottom line results.

Senior Managers, Managers and employees who are crucial to company performance. In order to facilitate results-oriented learning, the recommended maximum class size is 25 participants.


1 + 2 Days Training with 10 half day follow-up sessions [64 hours] for 25 participants.



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