Physical illness and mental stress are the main causes of employee fatigue nowdays, how will company benefit if their employees are ill, which result in absenteeism or not able to perform their best (presenteeism) because of illness and stress? Company bearing over the cost of sick employees would be another important concern as well.

Majority still find it difficult to adopt / live a healthy lifestyle when they already know about what they can do to live a healthy lifestyle. Why is that so?

Inside-Out Mind Body Solution (IMBS), is a uniquely designed awareness based program which guides individuals to create well-being, balance and happiness by transforming their health from inside out. The program is designed to cover both mind and body, addressing habit pattern, concentrate on identifying the small, easy changes that can be done and is impactful to individual’s health and happiness.

Throughout the program, participant will have better understanding of themselves, gain an insight view on ways to address obstacles and challenges dealing with their health goals and achieve a desirable quality of life. This program would enable individual and the team to obtain sustainable performance by actual application and implementation on knowledge learn.


Participants and teams will gain the following learning:

  1. Create mind & body awareness.
  2. Improve individual health and quality of life.
  3. Improve work culture and self-satisfaction.
  4. Create a positive and energetic attitude towards personal wellness.

The company eventually sees longer term results in the following:

  1. Improve health care cost containment.
  2. Decrease absenteeism.
  3. Enhance creativity and innovation

Designed for all level in organization who are crucial to company performance. In order to facilitate results-oriented learning, the recommended maximum class size is 25 – 30 participants.


Phase 1 – One full day workshop

Phase 2 – 4 follow-up sessions conducted once a month over 4 months

Phase 3 – 3 follow-up sessions conducted once a month over 3 months

Phase 4 – 3 follow-up sessions conducted once a month over 3 months


1 Day – Inside Out Mind-Body Workshop: To create awareness – what stops someone to adopt / live a healthy lifestyle.  

  • Health screening
  • Understand and discover different point of view
  • Physical senses influence on health
  • Physical senses in relation with physical body
  • Managing main obstacles in the pursue of health goals
  • Health goals setting

10 Months Follow-up Workshop Topics :

  1. Thought Power Awareness In Relation to Health
  2. Functional Movement In Working Environment
  3. SIEP Health (Emotional Health)
  4. Food For Thought
  5. Importance Of Environment
  6. Energy Booster – Physical Activity
  7. Disease & Illness Prevention
  8. Stretching & Trigger Point Massage
  9. Work Life Balance
  10. Visualization & Repetition Of Health Goals