Picture6Kasthuri Tholan
Founder, Key Term Sdn Bhd,
[Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Marketing]

I attended the Training Program conducted by Elango Thiyagu in 2005. I was a telemarketer. Now I run my own company with 25 to 30 staff, focused on telemarketing and desk service program for companies namely Sunway Group, Public Bank Berhad and Petronas.  Within a space of 3 years, I learned new things especially to understand myself better and how to achieve what I want in my life (my Goals) while having fun, enjoying every moment at whatever I am doing. The training had guided me to improve my career/wealth, happiness and health. One major change from the program was myself.   My small size is my main inferiority complex. From a very quiet person who don’t like to talk to anyone specially those in authority, I can now speak, give a talk, conduct a briefing to more then 30 people.  I am also meeting more higher ranking people such as General Manager, Chief Executive Officers and even Ministers!That was one of the best training I have attended.  
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Started with 2 telemarketers who were non-performers. No experienced telemarketers wanted to join a new industry. When sales grew to 25 a week, within a month, 9 experienced telemarketers joined. At our peak we had 30 staff.

I applied my learning from the training in developing my staff. ‘Everyone is a reflection of me’. When someone is not performing, I get them to check where their thoughts are. I check on my own thoughts and vibrations. I correct myself first then the team corrects themselves. I also make it a fun environment to work, to be like a child – excited, authentic and truthful. All new staffs receive training from Elango. This is important in streamlining their thoughts, words and actions with Key Term’s culture.

Thank you to my ‘super’ team that we can provide excellent service and exceed customer expectations. They give extra effort, voluntarily, at times on weekends too. They understand the company goals and how their individual goals will be rewarded by achieving company goals. We became part of the Sunway family and no longer a third party vendor.


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