Speak in Public with Confidence,Clarity and Conviction


Speak in Public with Confidence, Clarity and Conviction, is a program which combines the perfect balance of theory with practical public speaking techniques which results in a comprehensive training program equipping participants with the skills required to speak in public with confidence, clarity and conviction.

After accomplishing this program participants will be able to present ideas before a group in a confident, clear and conviction manner. Participants will gain self-realization through overcoming the most common public speaking fears. Hence participants become better all-around communicator.


Speak in Public with Confidence, Clarity and Conviction will aid participants (young executives) to understand speaking techniques and how to effectively overcome the various challenges faced during public speaking. A practical hands-on approach is taken, allowing participants to practice and deliver their presentations a number of times throughout the entire program. Some of the sessions will be recorded and feedback will be provided.

In addition to theory and practical speaking techniques, participants will also learn to use MS PowerPoint effectively – Learn the “do’s” and “don’ts” of using PowerPoint as a presentation aid to enhance presentations.

Speak in Public with Confidence, Clarity and Conviction will address some of the key challenges obstructing participants from becoming star performers. This program following challenges:-

1. Dealing with Stage Fright
2. Developing Confident Body Gestures
3. Creating Rapport and Trust with Audience
4. Sharing Ideas Openly with Conviction
5. Managing Difficult Questions
6. Delivering High Impact PowerPoint Presentations


The objectives of the program are to enable participants to:

  • Capture the audience’s attention and keeping it
  • Understand the importance of knowing your audience
  • Overcome nervousness
  • Establish audience buy-in and build credibility
  • Maximize the impact of a speech using the eyes, hands, voice and posture
  • Handle difficult Q&A
  • Develop PowerPoint presentation to enhance communication
  • Effectively deliver an on-screen slide show

Senior Managers, Managers and employees who want to give powerful persuasive speeches and presentations to an audience. In order to facilitate adult-cantered and results-oriented learning, the recommended maximum class size is 20 participants.


16 half-day sessions for 20 participants, thus 64 half day sessions for 80pax




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