N. Muthu Muniyandy

Senior Manager, HR & Admin Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

Elango Thiyagu did 3 workshops for Tropicana in 2003, 2004 & 2005. I personally attended the workshop together with my team.

The workshop created personal awareness and was an eye opener on why they are here, at Tropicana and the roles they play. It got them to realize what their purpose was.

As a result, there was significant change in staff attitude, they became self-motivated, you could see growth in them and they started applying the right method in this program in their daily life.

Many of them moved on to higher positions over the past 10 years. Among the staff they was growth in career advancement, some moving on to Managerial levels & joining the Senior Management Team.


Participants from the workshop were from across various departments and Club Divisions in Tropicana Golf Club.

Creating a Dynamic & Vibrant Organization using Bio-Cybernatics Training Program – July 2003

We realized that the workshop indirectly broke the barrier of rank & positions and brought them together as a team, connecting on the level of being a human being.

The workshop built a close relationship among the staff regardless of departments. There was more willingness to share and help out each other, creating teamwork among various departments and Club Divisions.

The follow-ups are vitally important and got participants back on track and was essential in getting them to apply the learning. This was the key to the success of the program. It kept the motivation going, reflecting and correcting their mistakes, stressing on applicability.

Tropicana Golf Club has over the years developed a strong service culture, that has helped us grow in terms of membership and facilities. Clubhouse membership alone increased by more than 60%.

We won numerous awards in the years following the workshop for our Clubhouse maintenance and customer service. A few to name as below:













Par Golf Awards 2003

Best Maintained Golf Course














Golf Malaysia Course Poll 2005/05

Best Clubhouse /Facilities in Malaysia














Par Golf Awards 2012

Most Improved Golf Course

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